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Nadia Lichtig

A Thousand Times

1% artistique
Work in three dimensions
Lycée Marc Bloch
Route de Valars
34410 Sérignan
Project manager
Région Languedoc-Roussillon
Fontès architecture
Inauguration scheduled in 2013
Free admission
Accessible to disabled people
Enquiries at the school.
The piece I propose is a day and night illumination, a luminous installation that reacts to its surrounding weather conditions and to the movements of the sun and wind.
I was puzzled by the architecture’s anachronism, and thought of immersing it in an unreal, science-fiction atmosphere. With this architecture, which evokes the past, I propose a futuristic lighting, heightening the sense of anachronism and timelessness by enhancing the building.
LEDs are placed all along the façade, behind the columns, to produce a backlighting effect. The thin beams reveal the texture of the walls and cast reflections on the surface of the water in the pools. Several anemometers placed on the roof record the speed and direction of the wind. This data is interpreted, resulting in variations of intensity in the different LEDs, thus giving us a real-time visualisation of the movements in the surrounding masses of air. Depending on the weather conditions, they &lsquo ;set ablaze’ the façade with more or less strong waves of light. Therefore, a 30-km/h blast of wind will seem to move along the entire surface of the building for approximately 24 seconds. The animated façade also changes colour as it adapts to the ambient temperature.
At nightfall the piece can be seen from afar, and is visible from the road that runs along the school.
In the daytime, glass prisms of different sizes, threaded like beads on the trellis hanging horizontally over the main alley, complete the piece. These &lsquo ;beads’ catch the light and turn them into &lsquo ;micro-rainbows’. Passer-bys come across their spectral-coloured patches by surprise, in a flash, sometimes in unexpected places. (Nadia Lichtig)

Assistance for artists : Bureau des projets et Christian Bouyjou.

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