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Qubo Gas : Jef Ablézot, Morgan Dimnet, Laura Henno

Shimmy Shimmy Belly

1% artistique
Painting - Sculpture - New media
Institut Universitaire de Technologie de Béziers
3, place du 14 juillet
34505 Béziers
Project manager
Région Languedoc-Roussillon (SEBLI)
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Accessible to disabled people
Shimmy Shimmy Belly is the worthy successor of Shimmy Shimmy Grass, the first digital garden designed by Qubo Gas in 2004. The collective initially found inspiration for this piece in Gilles Clément’s &lsquo ;Derborence Island’ - a 3,500 square metre garden in an urban area, planted in a high and inaccessible location with vegetation that evolves without any human intervention. Basing itself on this &lsquo ;ideal forest’ planted in a built-up environment, Qubo Gas imagined an autonomous garden in a digital environment.
Shimmy Shimmy Belly is connected to about fifty airport weather stations and uses the range of data they collect to develop (or not) the great variety of imaginary plants designed by Qubo Gas. Leaves, grasses, exotic flowers, and voluble plants open up in clusters in the dedicated space. In addition to the sunlight, temperature, and hygrometry measurements, the strength of the wind causes the plant composition to slightly rotate on itself and be seen from different angles. Shimmy Shimmy Belly changes shape as we watch, with no possible intervention - an elusive hanging garden. Shimmy Shimmy Belly can be seen online by anyone, anywhere, and does not depend on any particular support, but the Net Art piece can nevertheless be displayed as an installation. For the Institute of Technology site, Qubo Gas designed and set up a fresco that runs the length of the student’s corridor, along almost fifty metres, and which opens up onto two patios. A large plasma screen, on which the work is played, hangs level with each patio. One of the screens shows a garden adapted to the climate in Béziers, whereas the other shows a different garden each day, depending on which international station it connects to. (Céline Luchet)

Net-Art piece : virtual garden evolving in real time, following a meteorological database.

Qubo Gas is a collective of three artists who have been working together since 2000. Their work is mainly concerned with drawing, which they confront now and again with digital tools, in a sort of perpetual to and fro. &lsquo ;Handmade’ elements and computer technology overlap and answer each other from one project to the next, whether they belong to the field of computer programming, drawing, collage, or wall drawing. This continual to and fro is present both in the actual uses of the different techniques and, very often, in the elaboration process of the drawings. In the same way they work in layers, coats, and successive surfaces to compose an image with the Photoshop software, their drawings and collages stem from the fusion of leaves and patterns to generate a delicate and exquisite assemblage. Each of the artist’s graphic meanderings become entangled and superimposed like so many strata, mixing pencilled motifs, felt-tip, collage, and watercolour, thus forming a profuse and vivid alchemy. Qubo Gas is Jef Azéblot, Morgan Dimnet, and Laura Henno.

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