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Pierre Joseph / Carmelo Zagari

La Rosace de Mai - Le Jardin métaphysique - Tracés communs

Public order
Drawing - Sculpture - Work in three dimensions
CHRU de Montpellier - Hôpital Saint-Éloi, Département d’hématologie clinique
CHRU de Montpellier - Hôpital Saint-Éloi
Service Hématologie et Oncologie
80, avenue Augustin Fliche
34295 Montpellier
Project manager
CHRU de Montpellier - Œuvres réalisées selon la procédure de la commande publique du ministère de la Culture et de la Communication. Co-financeurs ministère de la Culture, Ville de Montpellier
Lieu ouvert aux patients, visiteurs, familles et personnel soignant. Pour les jours et horaires d’ouverture, se renseigner auprès de l’établissement
Accessible to disabled people
Tramway Ligne 1, arrêt Saint-Éloi
This public commission from the CHRU [Regional University Hospital] Montpellier - Saint-Eloi Hospital involved artists Pierre Joseph and Carmelo Zagari, teachers at the ESBAMA School of Fine Arts in Montpellier, as well as students from the school. The students followed the planning and installation of the commissioned work. They covered the creative process through films and photographs, using these to carry out mediation and awareness campaigns among patients, their families, and the nursing staff.
Pierre Joseph and Carmelo Zagari’s artwork spreads out across three patios where plant growing and access to outsiders are forbidden. The works are like three deep breaths of air at the heart of the architectural ensemble. These areas are open to patients, visitors, families, and the nursing staff.

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