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Matali Crasset


1% artistique
Work in three dimensions
Lycée Georges Frêche
401, rue Le Titien
34000 Montpellier
Project manager
Région Languedoc-Roussillon
Cabinet Fuksas
Specificity : the school’s training restaurants and hotel are open to the public.
Free admission
Accessible to disabled people
Enquiries at the school.
Emulsion is a polymorphic proposition. Its initial form is a classic kitchen utensil - a whisk. In the same way oil and egg yolk turn into mayonnaise when beaten, the intention here is to highlight the idea of a student becoming a professional through the transmission of a craft.
Here, this improvement is expressed in plant form.
The choice of a shape that comes from the plant world echoes this evolution, this development.
The project’s seminal objects are the reception, in the lobby of the hotel, and the training restaurant.
The reception desk constitutes the base of a luminous, delicate, and floating tree, standing over six metres high.
The structure of the tree is the repetition of the shape of a whisk, multiplied and enlarged.
This object plays on the variations and shadings of colour and light, and on the shadows they produce.
Beyond making a strong impression in the reception area, this puzzling object is mainly a sign, a reference, and a starting point, an origin for other elements that will mark and identify the premises.
From the repetition of this utensil, and from the play on the enlargement and reduction of sizes, there stems an entire range of objects which, like as many touches of light and colour, are scattered in the different spaces of the school, creating a kind of leitmotiv throughout the different areas and floors : from the reception to the hotel room, through to the bar, the training restaurant, and the brasserie.
Emulsion is the result of a transformation of matter from its liquid to its solid state.
A metaphor of training and learning. (Matali Crasset)

Assistance for artists : Agence Pièces montées.

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Matali Crasset, 2012
© Matali Crasset et Adagp, Paris, 2013

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