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34000 Montpellier
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From Tuesday to Sunday, from 1pm to 7pm
Accessible to disabled people
Les artistes dont les œuvres sont exposées assurent l’accueil des publics.
From saturday december 15 to sunday january 6 2019
Preview friday december 14 2018 at 18:30

For this end of year 2018, the Espace Saint-Ravy welcomes the artist Eno Gounon Dit Ascain. The painter proposes an exhibition without frame, where the cut painting owes be repaired, strengthened. Of these defects and tears arise from motives, creating the singularity of every work and testifying of the will of the artist to get rid of the standardization.

Received Master of painting of the ENSAV La Cambre, to Ixelles in 2017, Eno Gounon Dit Ascain lives and works at present between Brussels and Montpellier.

He dedicates his artistic practice to the painting and to the calligraphy on free canvas. A cut and a visualization of the piece of cloth. In the style of a restorer, he fixes his attention on the defects which are partially going to define the composition of the work. He strengthens the canvas, using paintings and lacquers intended under normal circumstances for the building. The artist explains that the stage of “repair”, has to be a stage of support, which cancels the presence of the frame and the stage of preparation of canvas.

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