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Les artistes dont les œuvres sont exposées assurent l’accueil des publics.
L’Invitation au voyage
Frédéric Durieu, Nathalie Erin with &#8220 ;by grace&#8221 ;
From saturday march 30 to sunday april 21 2019
Preview friday march 29 2019 at 18:30

For this exhibition Frédéric Durieu and Nathalie Erin invite the visitor to take a seat in a giant kite connected to an interactive installation, inspired by Albert Einstein’s theory. The sounds emitted by the tense rope of the kite are interpreted by the software, which then generates pictures, representations from elsewhere, a macrocosm, an imaginary and fantastic universe where planets parade, landscapes and beings, which make up their paintings in an interactive projection.

These works are the pages of their travel notebook in these parallel worlds, and the strange and poetic creatures of floated wood proposed by the artiste by grace are like witness objects brought back from these distant lands.

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web site Erin and Durieu
web site &#8220 ;by grace&#8221 ;

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