Place Saint-Ravy
34000 Montpellier
+334 67 66 39 40
From Tuesday to Sunday, from 1pm to 7pm
Accessible to disabled people
Les artistes dont les œuvres sont exposées assurent l’accueil des publics.
25e Parcours des ateliers d’artistes
44 artistes
From friday april 26 to sunday april 28 2019
Preview friday april 26 2019 at 18:30

The 44 artists of the Briscarts will present their works on the topic : «In motion».

The exhibition will start on Friday, April 26 at 11am at the Espace Saint-Ravy and will end on Sunday, April 28 at 7pm.
They will also open their workshops to the public in the neighbourhoods of Montpellier and its Metropolis all weekend from 11am to 7pm.

With a plan sequenced by neighbourhood and listing all the artists participating in PAAM, visitors can enjoy a beautiful spring walk combining art and relaxation.

The 44 artists of this 25e PAAM :

Camille ADRA / Christophe AICHELMANN / Carole AKDOGAN / Pierre AURIOL / Emmanuel BALL / Corinne BANDEIRA DE MELLO / Alejandro BERCONSKY / BOJIDARKA / Carole BOUBLI / Marc BOUCHACOURT / Gisèle CAZILHAC / Caroline CHARBONNIER / Sabine CHRISTIN / Denise CIURANA / Christine COUGOULE / DEBIT DE BEAU / Delphine DUPUY / Madjid ESFINI / Sadik FARABI / FIORILE / Élisabeth GIRARD / Jérémie IORDANOFF / JEAN-JOSEPH Anne / KLOD / LABARGE Arnaud / LE GALL Nathalie / LECARPENTIER Isabelle / Carola MALLOL BOLTON / MARCO / MIMA / Sophie NUNCIE / Jean-François RIGAUDIN / Well RIMO / Véronique RIVERA / Caroline ROCHETTE / Aurélie SALVAING / Etienne SCHWARCZ / Raphaël SEGURA / Sylvie SEIGNEURET / SHANSHAN / Erica STEFANI / Taos TALATA / Jean-Claude TOQUEBIOL / Hone YUAN

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