1, rue Étienne-Cardaire
34000 Montpellier
+334 67 72 57 41
Open during exhibition periods from Tuesday to Sunday, 14.00-18.00, closed outside exhibition periods.
Free admission
Accessible to disabled people
Access to top floor restricted by staircase
Bus Line 15
Tramway Line 2, stop Rondelet
Date of creation : 1997
Status : Association
Type of organisation : Collective - Artists’ Collective
In charge : Emmanuelle Etienne
Since 1997, Aperto has given contemporary art exhibitions, participated in artistic events and has promoted creation among young artists. Its mission is to establish a place of research and production for the artists as well as a space of art accessible to all public.
Each year Aperto presents a planning of 5 or 6 exhibitions with different characteristics : group or monographic exhibitions organized by Aperto or coordinated by young curators / time of research an experiment : the “48 hours”, the “buzz” / in situ events taking place on public space : the “facades”.
In addition to these actions, the associative gallery participates in fairs and events outside its promises. Aperto’s partners include associations and institutions of contemporary creative production. A network was gradually built linking many locations and artists’ collectives in France. This commitment to inter-regional meetings constitutes one of the important goal of the structure.
For more than 10 years, more than 80 artists have been able to produce works, fulfil their projects, and participate in collective events on specific topics. In line with its activities, Aperto has developed since 2003 a publishing activity.
The active members of the association are artists with an ongoing individual artistic practice. Their work in Aperto is an engagement which aims to contribute actively to the dynamic of contemporary art and its players.
Members : Pierre Bellemin, Didier Casiglio, Emanuelle Etienne, Agnès Fornells, Alain Lapierre, Michel Martin.
President : Jean-Luc Tamborini.

Featured artists : Jean-Adrien Arzilier, Younes Baba-Ali, Emmanuel Bourdanove, Samuel Buckman, DN/ Laetitia Delafontaine et Grégory Niel, Eric Delayen, Jean-François Desserre, Jean-Baptiste Farkas, Nicolas Fenouillat, Angéla Freres, Antonio Gallego, Pablo Garcia, José Maria Gonzalez, Nick Kern, Pascal Lièvre, Sandrine Mahéo, Stéphanie Majoral, Laurent Millet, Marine Pagès, Roseline Pélaquier, Emmanuel Régent, Sylvie Réno, Lionel Scoccimaro...

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