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66000 Perpignan
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From 2 to 6 pm (in winter), from 3 to 7 pm (in summer)
Normal rate : 5 &€;
Reduced rate : 3 &€;
Accessible to disabled people
Showrooms in the inaccessible floor
Railway line (the art center is located 100 meters from the station)
Station car park
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À cent mètres du centre du monde

Date of creation : 2004
Status : Association
Type of organisation : Collective
In charge : Amparo Sanchez, Assistante direction
The Modern Art Gallery Àcentmètresducentredumonde is situated next to Perpignan train station, the emblematic location of Dali’s universe, and opened its doors to the public in June 2004. Born out of an entirely private initiative and managed by a non profit-marking association (under the 1901 law n°0662013669), this imposing gallery, whose surface area totals 1400m² of exhibition space, is one of the largest art galleries in the Languedoc-Roussillon region.
The main aim of Àcentmètresducentredumonde is to display artist from extremely diverse horizons, emanating from the local, national and international scene, through both individual and group exhibitions. It does not limit itself to any particular conceptual approach, but more so manifests an interest for varied forms of art such as sculpture, paiting, desing, video installation, sound and performance, etc.
The only ambition of our association is to promote, reveal and exhibit exceptional works of modern art carried out by emerging artists.
The gallery wishes to create friendly, stimulating and educational environment for the public through a series of exhibitions and artistic events including conferences, workshops, concerts, projections and catalogue and book presentations.

(Àcentmètresducentredumonde = Onehundredmetresfromthecentreoftheworld : Dali famously stated that Perpignan train station was the centre of the world, hence the gallery’s name.)
Normal price : 5 €.
(3 €) : Students under 27 years, the unemployed, the disabled, groups of more than 10 persones.
Free admission : under 18 years, classes together, students of art schools, art history or art under 27 years, members of ICOM (International Council of Museums), the press.

Featured artists : Pat Andrea, Rafael Armengol, Joan Barbera, Tony Bevan, Vincent Corpet, Charlélie Couture, Serge Fauchier, Dominique Gauthier, Juan Genovés, Michel Gouéry, Josep Guinovart, Artur Heras, Jean Le Gac, Lucebert, Jean-Michel Meurice, Miquel Navarro, Stéphane Pencreac’h, Adrià Pina, Jean-Marie Perrier, Ben Vautier, Claude Viallat, etc.

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