25, rue Jean Jaurès
34140 Loupian
+336 10 02 97 23
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Free admission
Accessible to disabled people
La F.L.A.C. est accessible à tous les publics
School visits
Rencontre avec les artistes pendant les résidences, les vernissages et les évènements. Médiation autour des œuvres présentées. Toutes les précisions sont à consulter sur notre site Internet.
Bus L103 ou L320, stop Loupian
Date of creation : 2006
Status : Association
Type of organisation : Private place - Résidence - Art contemporain chez l’habitant
In charge : Pascale Ciapp, Director
Founded in 2006, L’Espace o25rjj is at disposal of artists who wish to find an alternative to more traditional places offered to them. It is a pocket place created to provoke encounters of artists, artctors, artmators, artthinkers, artsearchers, arthearers, artclickers, ... to generate a social link around contemporary art, which remains ment for the most initiated ones, by creating a convivial and pedagogic place in a familiar setting for any sort of public awareness : intergenerational, intercultural.
Indeed, we have created this place as a platform open on various artistic expressions related to contemporary art : visual and fine arts, action art and all transversalities disciplinary associated to visual arts which can meet gesture, sound, text, etc.
Private / Public : The place of privacy, has not been modified in design to become public. The concept of “in a private home” claims a willingness to put in one place, in a friendly, artist and audience. The artist enters a house with a past, an existance he has the choice to divert or to integrate. It must adapt to the traces of life. The public, it penetrates in an identifiable place, by the traditional configuration of housing.
Indoor / Outdoor : The place dedicated to the events has an interior and an exterior courtyard. The artist may extend beyond the home, in the street, the village.

Featured artists : Annie Abrahams, Axelle Carruzzo, EDline Bianco, Julien Blaine, Nicolas Daubanes, Karine Debouzie, Pierre Di Scuillo, Sylvain Duigou, Bartholomé Ferrando, Emilie Franchescin, Ariane Fruit, Stéphane Gantelet et Juliette Mézenc, Jean-Claude Gagnieux-Maoudj, Alexandre Gilibert, Kamil Guenatri dit La Terrasse, Max Horde, Anais Lelièvre, Émilie Losch, Ana Matey, Cédric Matet, Bruno Mercet, Juliette Mézenc, Hervé Molla, Fabien Montmartin, Aurélie Piau, Laurent Rodz, Agnès Rosse, Pierre Tilman...

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