33, avenue de Nîmes
34000 Montpellier
+336 71 28 53 24
Open from Wednesday to Saturday, from 3 pm to 7 pm
Free admission
Accessible to disabled people
Acces back door.
Tramway lines 1, 2, 4 Corum station or line 2 Beaux-arts station
Parking : Corum, streets of Beaux-arts
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Galerie Annie Gabrielli

Date of creation : Octobre 2011
Status : Association
Type of organisation : Gallery
In charge : Annie Gabrielli
Annie Gabrielli Gallery is a gallery of contemporary art established in 2011. Questioning the image, its line is essentially concentred on human being’s. The gallery proposes approximately five or six exhibitions a year and presents mainly of the contemporary photography and drawing, open to the plastic surgeons and to the multidisciplinary directions. The gallery defends young and confirmed artists on the international scene.

Featured artists : Arthur Babel, Yvon Bobinet, Muriel Bordier, Yann Dumoget, Marc Gaillet Alexandre Gilibert, Shannon Guerrico, Mami Kiyochi, Soraya Hocine, Pascale Hugonet, Vincent Leprévost, Vladimir Marcovic, Corinne Mariaud, Sabine Meier, Jean-Yves Moirin, Olivier Rebufa, Sylvie Romieu, Mouna Saboni, Laurent Seroussi

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