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Textes de Corinne Rondeau, Marie Reverdy, Benoist Bouvot, Dominique Rochet, Laurent Goumarre

Offshore #43 - art contemporain occitanie / pyrénées - méditerranée

Authors : Textes de Corinne Rondeau, Marie Reverdy, Benoist Bouvot, Dominique Rochet, Laurent Goumarre
Publisher : BMédiation
Publishing dates : 03.02.2017
Edition place : Montpellier
Type : Magazine
Graphic design : JPG
ISSN : 1639-6855
Price : Given out for free in relay points - Subscription : 10 € for 3 numbers a year
Sales outlet : The review is distributed in cultural venues (theatre, dance, music) in Occitanie and in contemporary art spaces (Centres, Frac, Art Schools, Galleries) in the region, France, and in Paris.
Referent : Jean-Paul Guarino, chief editor
Issue number 30
d’un portrait – Corinne Rondeau
mécènes du sud à montpellier-sète – entretien avec Marine Lang et Antoine Garcia-Diaz
le nouveau réalisme – Les Abattoirs, Toulouse (31)
nouveau départ – La Panacée, Montpellier (34)
a different way to move – Carré d’Art, Nîmes (30)
lucy skaer, aussi – Mrac, Sérignan (34)
la dramatique vie de marie r. – Marie Reverdy
a-chroniques – Benoist Bouvot
silhouette – Dominique Rochet
i’m back – Laurent Goumarre

Unlike the 70s underground, which essentially defined itself through its opposition to a dominant system, offshore is a distant attitude that chooses to skip unashamedly from the ‘hip scene’ to the ‘general public.’ The young generation does not seek to make a clean sweep of things but seeks to negotiate with reality, just as the skateboarder who loves to cruise chooses not to avoid the city and uses it as a playground instead. He has fun in the world and by doing so, also makes fun of it. The passwords of the offshore culture, which does not try to solve any contradictions but learns to live with them instead, are far from being watchwords that aim to bring an authoritarian system to its knees, and – on the ruins of the old world – prefer to tinker with new ethics.
(From Philippe Nassif in Le Débat no.112, Nov-Dec 2000)

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