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Daniel Birnbaum, Ann-Sofi Noring, Pirkko Siitari, Cary Wolfe, Leevi, Haapala, Alison Butler, Lena Essling

Eija-Liisa Ahtila : Mondes parallèles / Parallel worlds

Authors : Preface Daniel Birnbaum, Ann-Sofi Noring et Pirkko Siitari, Texts by Cary Wolfe, Leevi Haapala, Alison Butler, Interview by Lena Essling
Publisher : Steidl, Allemagne
Co-publisher : Moderna Museet, Stockholm
Publishing dates : 2012
Edition place : Allemagne
Type : Book - Catalogue
Graphic design : BankerWessel/Ida Wessel, Emilie Lindquist
ISBN : 978-3-86930-492-2
Price : 32,50 €
Sales outlet : Carré d’Art bookshop
Number of pages : 200 p.
After a remarked breakthrough on the international art scene in the 90s, Eija-Liisa Ahtila acquired substantial fame in Sweden, although this is her first exhibition at such a scale in this country. The partnership between our three museums enabled us to publish a very complete catalogue. The artist is very widely featured in French public collections and her work always provokes renewed interest on the French scene. The exhibition in Nîmes will feature new pieces, different from the ones shown at her last retrospective at the Jeu de Paume Gallery in 2008.
With her brand of very personal humour and unflinching honesty, Eija-Liisa Ahtila addresses today’s challenging issues. Her work often stems from literary sources and her own writing. Stifled relationships, repressed emotions, pending catastrophes - these are the elements of a landscape that the artist cleverly weaves through, unravelling the thread of her stories in the gap between reality and imagination, between the Self and the Other. She probes the strata of existence, takes us where the world of men is only one of many possible alternate worlds. Indeed, Eija-Liisa Ahtila follows a hypothesis that is common to many contemporary thinkers, thus taking part in a fruitful debate on biopolitics and posthumanism. Considering the ecological situation in which humankind has placed itself, we are in terrible need of simple questions, and this is what one of her latest works, Horizontal (2011), accurately exemplifies. The spruce itself does not provide an answer, but the installation opens up a vista onto unknowability and perhaps onto other potentialities. Her artistic vision carries far.
(Excerpt from the preface, by Daniel Birnbaum, Ann-Sofi Noring, and Pirkko Siitari)

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