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Numa Hambursin, Vincent Bioulès

Camille Descossy 1904-1980

Authors : Numa Hambursin, Vincent Bioulès
Publisher : Les éditions méridianes
Co-publisher : Ville de Montpellier
Publishing dates : 12.06.2012
Edition place : Montpellier
Type : Book - Catalogue
Graphic design : Nicolas Claveau
ISBN : 978-2-917452-18-9
Price : 10 €
Sales outlet : Association Méridiane (shipping cost : 3 €) or in bookshops in Montpellier.
Referent : Pierre Manuel
Collection : Catalogue
Number of pages : 56 pages
Camille Descossy was the director of the Montpellier School of Fine Arts for several decades as from 1939, and is undoubtedly one of the major artists of the history of modern art in our region. He was friends with Germaine Richier, Albert Dubout, Gabriel Couderc, and Georges Dezeuze, and was a founding member of two essential collectives in the art world from the 1930s to the post-war years : the Frédéric Bazille and Montpellier-Sète groups.
Camille Descossy taught such students as Claude Viallat, Philippe Pradalié, François Rouan, and Vincent Bioulès.

In their Catalogue collection, m é r i d i a n e s publishing house partnered up with the City of Montpellier to publish the catalogue of the exhibition held from 7th December 2012 to 17th March 2013 at the Espace Dominique Bagouet in Montpellier : Camille Descossy 1904-1980.
This partnership was put together with the Art Direction board of the Espace Dominique Bagouet, and supervised by Numa Hambursin, curator for this exhibition.
The 56-page catalogue contains texts by Vincent Bioulès (painter and former student of Camille Descossy) and Numa Hambursin, curator of the exhibition, as well as a biography and bibliography of Camille Descossy, and 34 work reproductions, including 6 photographs. It was printed by In Octo Press in Montpellier in November 2012, with a limited 700-copy print run on Gardalat paper.

— Visit the méridianes website
— Find out about the Espace Dominique Bagouet and its programme

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