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Les Cahiers Skéné #7 - Around etlsquo ;Presence without presence’

Authors : Groupe de recherche “Du périmètre scénique en art : re/penser la skéné ?”. Avec le texte de Chantal Pontbriand, les contributions des étudiants de la PLATEforme et le concours de Virginie Lauvergne, Michel Martin, Martine Morel, Annie Tolleter.
Publisher : École supérieure des beaux-arts de Montpellier Agglomération
Publishing dates : 10.01.2014
Edition place : Montpellier
Type : Magazine
Graphic design : Christian Bouyjou
Price : Gratuit
Sales outlet : En version électronique sur Calaméo
Referent : Joëlle Gay, Corine Girieud, Claude Sarthou
Collection : Les Cahiers Skéné
Issue number 7
The exhibition Around &lsquo ;Presence without presence’ echoes the conference &lsquo ;Presence without presence’ that our guest at the ESBAMA, Chantal Pontbriand, gave in June 2013. Her analyses and questionings of artwork fitted in so well with the students’ reflection on their practice that it felt only natural to give it a follow-up. The title of the exhibition further confirms this similarity of thought.

This issue starts with an essay by Chantal Pontbriand, like so many convolutions of the mind and close looks at the evolution of a thought. Then come photographs of the works themselves, as created for this new scenic venue, the Centre Chorégraphique National. They follow visiting order and come with texts written by each of the exhibitors, with the ambition, once again, to leave a trace.

— Feuilletez la revue sur Calaméo

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