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Lise Chevalier

Il faudra trois saisons

Authors : Lise Chevalier
Publisher : Méridianes
Publishing dates : 2015
Edition place : Montpellier
Type : Artist object
Price : 20 €
Collection : Liber
Number of pages : 32
This book is inspired by a walk along the Baltic Sea. The chalk cliffs and beech forest dear to the German Romantics are the starting point for a narration. This toing and froing between landscape and story is reminiscent of the “feeling-landscape” couple that François Cheng mentions in his last meditation on beauty : “The human feeling can unfurl in the landscape, and the landscape in turn is capable of feeling. Both are caught in a process of mutual transformation and common transfiguration.” Fascination with the beauty of the world and disarray of beings. Scorched earth and skin-deep emotions.

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