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Sous la direction de Bruno Queysanne Préface Frédérique Villemur

Architecture troubled by artwork, Dani Karavan’s Walter Benjamin Memorial in Portbou

Authors : Bruno Queysanne, Frédérique Villemur, Stéphanie Dietre, Guy Desgrandchamps, Jean-Paul Dolle [&dagger ;] et Patrick Thepot
Publisher : Éditions de l’Espérou
Publishing dates : 2015
Edition place : Montpellier
Type : Book
ISBN : 978-2-912261-7-79
Price : 24 €
Number of pages : 200
In the small town of Portbou, on the border between France and Spain, the great Jewish intellectual Walter Benjamin, after clandestinely passing the eastern Pyrenean crest and his arrest by the Francoist police, chose to commit suicide during the night of the 26th of September 1940, rather than be sent back to France and turned in to the Gestapo.
In 1994, the Israeli artist Dani Karavan set up an installation around the Portbou cemetery, a tribute to Walter Benjamin’s death called Passages. In this case, the formidable emotion-and-thought-inducing machine is apprehended through texts, survey sketches, watercolours and photographs made by a team of teachers from French architecture schools. A circle of friends gathered around Bruno Queysanne over time - essayists, architects, philosophers (Stéphanie Diètre, Frédérique Villemur, Guy Desgrandchamps, Jean-Paul Dollé (&dagger ;), Patrick Thépot) - tried to explore the meanings of this work of art that troubles architecture.

Bruno Queysanne was born in Casablanca in 1941. He is a philosopher and taught sociology at the architecture department of the School of Fine Arts in Paris until 1970, before teaching at the School of Architecture in Grenoble. He is also a lecturer specialised in the Renaissance and the sociology of contemporary urbanism, and has organised many seminars and symposiums in universities abroad.
Frédérique Villemur, Patrice Barthès, Gisèle Clément, Manolis Iliakis, Eleni Tracada, Dominique Labrosse and eighteen students.

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